CouponMagic is Mac OS X Compatible, by using the Wine library. That means that you can run the Windows Application on your Mac, without installing Windows at all! So that means you won't need a Microsoft Windows license.

However, we know there are some Apple fans that do not wish to have anything Windows-related on their machines, so if you are one of those, then we are sorry to inform you that you will not be able to run CouponMagic at this time.

We are hoping to release a Mac OS X Version, however we will not give any estimate on when it will be ready. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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Increase Results!
The ability to hand out coupon codes to your JV-Partners will motivate them to promote your product! Also, using Coupons during your Launch Phase will increase results!
Completely Customizable!
CouponMagic lets you customize almost every aspect of your Coupon Form Design using a WYSIWYG Editor! You can customize text, colors, sizes, effects, and even messages, allowing you to create your own style!
Real-Time Tracking!
Track how many click-through you get when someone uses a specific coupon, enabling you to see what converts the best! You can even see exactly what date and time a click goes through to your order form!
You Call The Shots!
Only want a specific coupon to last for 2 days? Maybe a week? Or maybe you only want certain affiliates to be able to promote using that coupon? Well, you’re the boss! And get this: Everything is automated for you!
We have partnered up with the guys over at, to provide you with added value! OfferVault's Coupon Directory is the new go-to spot for deal-seekers and affiliates looking for special deals that they can offer their lists!

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