Frequently Asked Questions
Here's a list of common questions...
Frequently Asked Questions
I'm on a Mac, why do I need Wine?
CouponMagic was made for Microsoft Windows. Wine is a Free Open-Source compatibility library for Mac OS X and Linux, that enables execution of Windows binaries (programs) on said platforms.

We have tested CouponMagic on Mac OS X & Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and so far everything works.
What is the "OfferVault Integration" checkbox for?
We have partnered up with the guys over at - they have a Coupons section where affiliates and consumers roam for the best deals on ClickBank Products!

You can allow your Coupon(s) to be listed in OfferVaults Coupon section by checking the "OfferVault Integration" checkbox in the Coupon Editor.
How do I upgrade?
Upgrading is easy! Firstly, you have to cancel your current subscription. You can do that by clicking here! Once your subscription has been cancelled, you will receive a Cancellation Notification from ClickBank, and from us - you can ignore the one from us if you are upgrading immediately!

Now, click on Downloads in the top menu of this page, and select your new plan. When you reach the ClickBank Order Form, make sure you use the same E-Mail as you used to purchase your initial subscription! If you wish to use a different E-Mail for your purchase, please click on the My Account tab in the Members Area, and change your E-Mail prior to purchasing a new subscription!

Our automated system will automatically update your Account, so once you have made the purchase, your new Subscription will be active, and you can continue smashing it like a boss out there!
How do I downgrade?
Downgrading is the same process as Upgrading (see above), except that if you have more campaigns / coupons than your new subscription allows, you will have 72 hours to delete the exceeding amount of campaigns/coupons.

If you fail to do this, our automated system will automatically remove the exceeding campaigns/coupons, starting from the latest ones created.
How do I get a refund?
If you wish to get a refund, click here. Once you have entered your order number & E-Mail, click Get Support, and create a refund request.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your refund has been processed, all your Account data will be wiped from our database, and we will not be able to recover it! Please do not refund if you plan to up/downgrade!